Philips H7 XVB2 X-treme Vision Headlights Pack of 2

Vendor: Philips


$29.99 USD

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NOTE: Please make sure that the application is correct for your car. Amazon's search feature will tell you that this model will fit somewhere on your vehicle, not necessarily the application you are looking for! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message Hopek Hardware Plus, and I will help you with the application. Boost your vision with X-tremeVision! Philips X-tremeVision offers up to 100% more light* and a beam that’s up to 115 feet longer than a standard halogen bulb’s, for drivers who want to see farther. Based on a unique filament design and optimized geometry, X-tremeVision is engineered with stateof-the-art technology for ultimate performance and more light where it matters the most.

  • Up to 100% more light (compared to a standard halogen bulb)
  • Maximum comfort and safety
  • Unique filament design
  • Up to 115 foot longer beam

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